Reaching Out

The Guy at the Intersection With a Sign, Asking for Help

When I see someone with a sign asking for help, if prompted by the Lord, I try to give that person $5 or $10 with a Bible verse or ”The Greatest Danger” quote (see The money gets their attention and they read the quote. If I didn’t give money, they would throw away the quote. They can’t hear about God with a growling stomach. Alternatively, you could give a food item or fast food coupon. If I just give them money, it has no lasting impact.
These people include drug addicts, alcoholics, people who have fallen on hard times, ne’er-do-wells who will not work, some unable to work, and individuals with hearts hungry for love and truth. Our responsibility is to be a sower of God’s love and truth, then let God sort them out; that’s His job, not ours.
I have met ex-cons and ex-drug addicts who have met Christ and are turning their lives around. How do you know that your act of kindness and witness to our Lord will not impact someone to get right with God? Are you all-knowing?
If you show concern for their body, they will listen to what you have to say about their soul. If you roll down your window and tell them to get a job, you have destroyed your witness, and the Christian bumper sticker on your car will convince them to never trust another Christian or go to church.
In my experience, if you give someone with a sign a few dollars and a special article or bible verse, 90% of the time they will look you in the eye and say “God bless you”. They could say anything, but they say “God bless you.” And how do you know this person is not really an angel? More than once I have had an eerie feeling that one was an angel, as he spoke with authority and blessed me (see Hebrews 13:1-2).
So if you want to receive a blessing, reach out to those who asking for help.
To God be the glory
Board of Evangelism