Reaching Out

I Own the Fence

It is the end of time, and it is the final game of the season (the church age). All the people are on a large field, with a fence in the middle of it. Jesus is one side, with His bleachers full of angels and saints from heaven, singing hymns and rejoicing with love for each other and the Lord. Satan is on the other side, with his bleachers full of demons, snarling, cursing, and fighting each other for the best seats.
Jesus starts by saying: “William, you come and be with Me”, and William runs over to Jesus and embraces Him. Then Satan states: “Ed, Bill, and Sally, you come over to be with me”. Ed, Bill, and Sally, distraught over the gravity of their situation, go over to be with Satan.
Each time a soul comes over to Jesus, His angels and saints stand and applaud with great enthusiasm as another soul is snatched from the jaws of hell. Every time a soul goes over to be with Satan, the angels and saints are sad, but Satan’s demons cheer and jeer as they see another victim coming for them to torment for eternity.
This continues back and forth, with more people going to be with Satan than with Jesus. (“narrow is the gate and few there are who find it…” Matthew 7:14<>)
Finally, it gets down to one man, Roger, who is sitting on the fence. Satan says: “Roger, you are coming with me.” Roger protests and says: “I don’t have to go with you, for I am on the fence.” Satan replies: “Yes, you do, for I OWN THE FENCE.”
Do you have family, friends, or acquaintances who are on the fence? We still have a window of time to reach out to them with the love and truth of Jesus before the final game of the season. Please don’t wait any longer, because time is short, the game could soon start, and eternity is a very, very, very long time.
To God be the glory
Board of Evangelism